Forest News from Whareora Rd

Two more huge possums to remove this morning , one the largest fattest one I have ever collected.I have reset the traps and checked the others.
Rat numbers.…….well we have seen six dead ships rats , they have been taking the bait so they are very much present in large numbers. They must have a secret burial spot.
Possums…..150 their numbers are decreasing and our property is a bit of a motorway from Ian Franks bush.
Regeneration of native fauna is ongoing and this is a positive sign.
Hawks eating the new fluffy quail  chicks seems sad, though the diving of the Kereru daily lifts your spirits.
Tuis  supping the juice and pith from grapefruits in this hot weather, and we are regularly changing the bowls of drinking water to keep them cool.
A large Tui and her son were bathing in the water remaining in the tank lid above the cottage path, splashing and wallowing while being a little vocal
No signs of new bird life, although we have two noisy and uninvited paradise ducks who hurtle down on to the lawn mid evening, the female is nesting under the cottage.
They appear like low flying jets, and I am sure they are not native.
The pohutakawa behind the bedroom window is a grand central station for the tui clan, wish we had more of these special trees.
The bush and its challenges brings lots of joy.
Merry xmas to everyone
Rhondda and John.

One response to “Forest News from Whareora Rd

  1. Lovely to read your news. I also have lots of tui and darling little warblers in my garden. As I no longer own native forest I have nothing to report trap wise. I am planning on leaving Whangarei in the new year and am heading to Tauranga! I wish you all the very best with the landcare group and I have enjoyed being a part of it. It’s fantastic news about the kiwis!
    Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas and may 2014 great for us all!
    Very best wishes from Angela Korfage

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